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Perancangan dan Implementasi Instrusion Detection System di Jaringan Universitas Diponegoro

Program Studi Sistem Komputer, Universitas Diponegoro, Indonesia

Published: 20 Apr 2015.
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The use of information technology gives the advantage of open access for its users, but a new problem arises that there is a threat from unauthorized users. Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is applied to assist administrator to monitoring network security. IDS displays illegal access information in a raw form which is require more time to read the detected threats. This final project aims to design an IDS with web application which is made for pulling information on IDS sensor database, then processing and representing them in tables and graphs that are easy to understand. The web application also has IpTables firewall module to block attacker's IP address. The hardware used is Cisco IPS 4240, two computers Compaq Presario 4010F as client and gateway, and Cisco Catalyst 2960 switch. The software used is Ubuntu 12.0 LTS Precise operating system, BackTrack 5 R1 operating system, PHP 5.4 programming language, MySQL 5 database, and web-based system configuration tool Webmin. Testing is done using several BackTrack applications with the aim of Cisco IPS 4240 is capable of detecting accordance with the applicable rules. Each events of any attack attempt or threat was obtained from IDS sensor database in XML form. XML file is sent using Security Device Event Exchange (SDEE) protocol. The web application is tested by looking at the output tables and graphs that displays the appropriate results of sensor detection. This study generated an intrusion detection system that is easier to monitor. Network packets copied by the Cisco 2960 switch and then forwarded to the sensor. Intruder detection is done by Cisco IPS 4240 sensor. Log detection processed by the web application into tables and graphs. Intrusion detection systems are intended to improve network security.
Keywords: Intrusion Detection System (IDS); Cisco IPS 4240;web application;XML

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