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Last update: 15 July 2020
Number of documents (2017-2019): 78
Cites in 2020 (2017-2019): 379
IF GS (2020): 341/98 = 4.86
Total citations (all years) = 1067
h-Index: 14, i10-Index: 27, g-Index: 21
Google Scholar URL: Click here
SINTA: Grade 2 (S2)
Scopus: Journal citedness | Secondary doc

General: Copyright Policy Changes

Starting in 2021, the author(s) whose article is published in the JTSiskom journal attain the copyright for these articles. By submitting the manuscript to JTSiskom, the author agrees with this new policy. All articles published since 2021 in JTSiskom will be copyrighted by the author(s). See detail.