Journal History

The history of Jurnal Teknologi dan Sistem Komputer (JTSiskom) is as follows (sorted from the most latest):
  • Beginning on Volume 6 (2018), JTSiskom does not accept articles on game programming and information systems engineering. The scope of JTSiskom can be found in
  • Beginning on Volume 5 Number 4 Year 2017, JTSiskom's article style is revised by adding citation information in articles with IEEE format so readers can properly cite the article. In addition, the paragraph indent format changes to 0.2".
  • Starting issue of Volume 5 (2017), the publication schedule of issue number 3 changed to July, so JTSiskom published every quarter, ie January, April, July, October.
  • Starting issue of Volume 4 Number 4 Year 2016, JTSiskom's manuscript style is revised, including the article heading and the abstract use both Indonesian and English language. This change is made to have the manuscript information, including received, revised and accepted date in the article. View [template article]
  • Since May 2016, the JTSiskom site has been moved from to This change aims to raise the status of a journal into a national journal and enable inclusion in the indexer (Google scholar).